Sustainability Begins with Us

Superior Materials takes many steps to ensure our plants are making the same commitment to sustainability that we ask you to consider. As you can see, we look into every sector of our business to determine where we can make a difference.

Wastewater Disposal

To properly dispose of our wastewater, our process water is captured and contained in settling ponds for removing sediment and turbidity from the water. This results in clarified water available for recycling. At certain plant locations where wastewater has the potential to accumulate beyond recycling needs, the water is further treated and discharged in compliance with government discharge permits. The water is treated using carbonation to lower the pH to comply with government water cleanliness parameters.

Truck Wash-out System

At Superior Materials, we use Load and Go™ automated drive-through concrete truck washing stations that use 80 percent less water compared to manual wash down sessions.

Concrete Recycling

Unused concrete that is returned to the plant does not go to waste. We use the excess wet concrete to make concrete blocks that are available for purchase. Any excess dry concrete is sent to a crusher for recycling.

What does our own adherence to sustainability do?

Being mindful of our own carbon footprint in all areas has challenged us to make even more changes internally. We began at square one by using LED lighting in our facilities and encouraging recycling by our employees. Superior Materials provides training for all employees on environmental programs and policies. This training includes spill prevention and response, the types of chemicals we store and the different pathways these chemicals can enter the water, and the controls that we have implemented to prevent pollution.

But that’s not all. Our liquid industrial by-products and hazardous wastes are recycled or reclaimed by the supplying contractor and steel is recycled through scrappers. We even use timers and eye sensors to minimize electrical use in our plants.

We also take several steps to prevent air emissions and maintain air quality:

  • Our plant loading areas are equipped with baghouses to capture dust during loading activities.

  • Material conveyors are enclosed to prevent dust emissions during material processing and conveying.

  • Our yards are routinely swept to minimize aggregate accumulation and dust.

  • Dust suppressants are applied as needed to our yards to minimize dust generated from equipment and vehicles traveling on the property.


As you can see, environmental responsibility isn’t just a term to us, it’s how we operate.


Questions about the best sustainability solution for your project?

Contact Superior Materials at 888-988-4400 to determine the best method to reduce the carbon footprint in your next project.