Ordering Concrete

Order takers, dispatchers, and schedulers who are trained to work closely with you help ensure you get the proper mix and amount required for your scheduled pour. Since concrete delivery companies’ delivery schedules book quickly, we recommend placing your order 2–3 days in advance.

Ordering Concrete – printer-friendly PDF.

Ordering Information

Placing your Order

To expedite placing an order, share the following information with our order takers. This will help make dispatching concrete more efficient so we can ensure a timely delivery to your job site.

  • Company Name
  • Project Name, your job number or P.O. number (if applicable)
  • Project location and address, town or city, including the nearest major street or intersection
  • Job site contact name and mobile phone number.
  • Precise quantity required
  • Request the proper mix and slump. Our customer service team can help you determine the proper mix and slump based on the type of project you are doing and the weather conditions
  • Our customer service team can also suggest any enhancements like fibers, calcium, and non-chloride accelerators, or retarders that will aid in placement or finishing
  • Follow our special ordering instructions for color and performance concrete mixes
  • All loads less than 7 cubic yards are subject to a partial load charge
  • Don’t plan to add water at the job site to make higher slump concrete. We can’t and won’t guarantee the results. Ask our QC department or your sales rep to help with a mix that is easier to place

Advance Notice

Advance Notice: To provide reliable, efficient service, we encourage customers to place orders at least 48 hours in advance, preferably by 3:00 pm and confirming 24 hours in advance. For large pours (100+ yards), let our team know at least 3 days ahead of time.

  • Our Service Team may also inquire about future orders so we can guarantee you a spot in the schedule in advance. Last minute orders for concrete are taken only as our schedule allows.
  • Saturday or Off Hour deliveries must be confirmed 24 hours in advance.

Will Calls and Call Backs

Will-Calls: We welcome and encourage will-call orders as a way to preplan each day’s schedules. Be advised, however, that we consider will-calls strictly as information only.

  • Will call orders must be confirmed or canceled two hours in advance of the required delivery time.
  • First round will-calls (prior to 12:00 noon) must be confirmed the evening prior to shipment as a Firm Order
  • Orders not confirmed by the scheduled delivery time will be deactivated.

Callbacks: To efficiently deliver your order, we must know a maximum quantity of concrete you require. If a shortage occurs, good communication will limit callbacks to one return trip.

  • Callbacks are shipped based on the immediate availability of a truck, so please allow at least 1 hour for a callback load. Some callbacks may be subject to additional load charges.

How much concrete do I need?

  • Order the right amount of concrete. Use our concrete calculator to help determine how much concrete you may need. Be sure to make a 10% allowance for uneven sub-grade, spillage, etc. and round up to the closest 1/2 yard. Let us know what you are pouring (flatwork, wall, slab on grade, etc.) If you think a job may need more concrete, tell us up front. It’s always easier to cancel trucks than to add more. Our minimum order quantity for concrete is 2 cy.

Concrete Delivery

  • If you need to change an order, call your dispatcher at least one hour before the concrete is expected on the jobsite. Most concrete is loaded 30 to 45 minutes before it is due (depending on travel time).
  • We are aware that occasionally orders need to be given over the radio. We discourage this practice as it can lead to communication errors. If it must be done, we require the order be confirmed by phone before it can be shipped (balance loads excluded).
  • We realize that things in the field don’t always go as planned, so we remain flexible toward canceling and rescheduling orders. If you need to cancel an order, please let us know at least two hours before the scheduled delivery time. We will always do our best to accommodate rescheduling.
  • Stay in touch during the pour. Let your dispatcher know if there is anything hanging up the job that could affect the schedule. Traffic tie ups, slower than expected placement, difficult access and egress, accidents, the weather, etc. can all affect when the trucks can return to the plant. Let dispatch know if pours are going to take extra time.
  • If the job site is difficult to enter, or there is anything tricky about the pour, have your sales rep come to the site.
  • Assign one person at the jobsite to give instructions to the drivers and to help guide them into and out of the site.

Order Confirmation

Here’s the other information you can expect from the order taker:

  • Confirmation of mix type and quantity ordered
  • Confirmation of delivery date and time (firm or will call)
  • Price per yard on COD orders
  • Expected unload time. We charge for each minute that a truck is kept over the normal unload time, which is 6 minutes per yard
  • Any additional charges, such as environmental fees, partial load fees, Saturday delivery, or a fuel surcharge

Top Ten Ways to get the Best Service Possible from your Concrete Supplier

  1. Place orders early: 48 hours’ notice is ideal.
  2. Identify yourself, your company and your project name or location when calling to place an order.
  3. Know what mix you want to pour: Mix ID Numbers are the best for this, but often just telling us what you are pouring will work fine.
  4. Be accurate with your job site address and directions. (For example: North off ______ / east of______, etc.) We can’t find your job unless you tell us where it is.
  5. Be accurate with quantities. Over-runs hurt everybody. If you think a job may go more, tell us up front. It’s always easier to cancel trucks than add more.
  6. Weather permitting orders are firm orders. It is the customer’s responsibility to call a minimum of one hour to cancel the order.
  7. Firm up Will Call orders at least 2 hours before concrete is needed. We will often get there sooner, but we can’t always guarantee it. Be advised: We will not ship a Will Call order without a firm up call.
  8. Calls to make changes or to cancel an order should be made a minimum of two hours before concrete is due on the job. Any later than that, we may not be able to efficiently fill your request.
  9. Relax, be patient, work with us to get the order in right. A little extra time on the phone can eliminate big problems on the job.